UTG LE Grade Vertical Shoulder Holster Army Digital

Deluxe Vertical Right Hand Shoulder Pistol Holster, Army Digital Features

Innovative Design for Fully Equipped Pistols MP Sub-machine Guns
Premium Synthetic Material, Reinforced Thread Stitching and Double-edge Stitched at Pressure Points for Extra Durability
All Components Are Fully Adjustable with Hook-and-loop Straps Attached to Web Belt for Holster/Pouch Tension
Well Padded Shoulder Harness for Maximum Comfort
Modular Design and Clever Reversible Thumb Break System for Ambidextrous Use
Law Enforcement Quality Hook-and-loop System, Snap-on and Buckle Systems
Adjustable Thumb Break System to Offer Unobstructed Quick-draw and Re-holster of Pistol
Double Mag Pouch with Hook-and-loop Closure for Auto or Speed Loader for Revolvers
Holster with Adjustable Hook-and-loop System Custom Fit for UZI, MP5 Pistol or Medium to Large Fully Equipped Pistols with Laser/Flashlight Accessories