Voile Telepro Avalanche Shovel

The Voilé Telepro Avalanche Shovel is the closest thing to a snowplow. It’s made for moving mountains of snow, and is the industry standard for ski patrollers, mountain guides, and rescue workers worldwide. The extended telescoping handle adds efficiency and reduces strain on your lower back. Once collapsed, the handle removes easily from the scoop and stows conveniently in a pack for travel or making joyous turns downhill. Its large scoop is cold forged to its quintessential Voilé shape from 6061 aluminum. Then the scoop is heat-treated to an impressive T6 temper. T6-tempered 6061 aluminum has an ultimate tensile strength of 42,000 psi and yield strength of 35,000 psi. The shovel scoop of the Telepro Avalanche Shovel features a pair of slotted holes. In the deft hands of a snow expert, these “deadman” holes may be used to fashion an emergency rescue sled or snow anchor. The Telepro is truly a professional-level avalanche shovel at a price that anybody can dig. Weight: 850 grams 1 lb 14 oz|Weight Mini: 710 grams 1 lb 9 oz|Extended Length: 39.5" (Mini 33.5")