Watson Airlock Geo-Pak 4 pc. Set Pink/Mossy Oak

Ever have trouble finding what you need inside your packed luggage?ᅡᅠ Watson Geo-Paks are your organization solution.ᅡᅠ Choose a shape and pack like items.ᅡᅠ Organize you undergarments, base layers, accessories, and hygiene essentials.ᅡᅠ The possibilities are endless.ᅡᅠ Don¬タルt spend time looking through your bags for a lost sock or glove. Find what you need when you need it. Geo-Pak it and keep it together!ᅡᅠ Works synergistically with existing Watson AirLock products. Description:ᅡᅠGeo-Pak construction includesᅡᅠ210D Poly Body Lining; 100% Nylon webbings; Box stitched/Bar tacked handles; Custom embroidery; Premium YKK zippers; Good Barrier Poly Camo; Contrast Linings; 4 pc. Set includes: (1)ᅡᅠGeo-Block XL 918 cubic inches, holds 10 Tees; ¬タワFull change-up¬タン-Jeans, Tee, Underwear, Socks and Hat; 8 Underwear; 4 Pairs of Socks and 4 Teesᅡᅠ ᅡᅠDimensions¬タン 17¬タン x 13.5¬タン x 4¬タン Weight: 8 oz. (1)ᅡᅠGeo-Block L 520 cubic inches, holds 7 Tees; 8 Underwear plus 8 pairs of asst. weight socks; 3 Tees, 4 Underwear, 4 Socks ᅡᅠᅡᅠDimensions 13¬タン x 10¬タン x 4¬タンᅡᅠ Weight: 5.6 oz. (1)ᅡᅠGeo-Wedgeᅡᅠ 144 cubic inches, Tee, Socks and underwear; Toiletriesᅡᅠᅡᅠ Dimensions 8.5¬タン x 8.5¬タン x 12¬タンᅡᅠ Weight: 3.2 oz (1)ᅡᅠGeo-Cylinderᅡᅠ 308 cubic inches, 4 Tees; 1 ¬タモ ¬タワChange-up¬タン ¬タモ Tee, Shorts, Underwear, Socks and Hat; 10 pairs of socks of assorted weightsᅡᅠᅡᅠ Dimensions:ᅡᅠ 13¬タン x 5.5¬タンᅡᅠ Weight:ᅡᅠ 3.2 oz. Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity with Pink Trim