Weaver Detachable Top-Mount Base BLK 54 48054

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Each Weaver base is machined to the tightest tolerances for a custom fit. They are designed to fight the effects of recoil with a square-cut notch that precisely mates to the sturdy cross bolt in every Weaver detachable ring.


- Package Includes 1 Base
- Material: Aluminum
- Style: Weaver
- Finish: Gloss Black


- Browning BAR (Front & Rear)
- Colt Coltsman in 264, 30-06 round receivers (Front & Rear)
- H & R 300 & 301 LA (Post 1973) (Rear)
- Musgrave Models Mark I and II (Rear)
- Schultz & Larsen (Rear)
- Springfield 03 (Rear)


- Mounting Hardware Included.
- For the Browning BAR the front base screws must be shortened by grinding.
- For use with the Springfield 03, this may require bolt or safety alteration, otherwise firearm cannot function safely. Please consult with a qualified gunsmith.