Wilderness Press Fixing Your Feet

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When your feet hit the trail, asphalt, or ball court, they take a beating with every step. Don't wait until foot pain cramps your speed, strength, and style- learn the basics and finer points of foot care now. Foot expert and ultrarunner John Vonhof discredits the conventional wisdom of "no pain, no gain," teaching instead how the interplay of anatomy biomechanics, and footwear can lead to happy or hurting feet. With a focus on individual and team care, the 5th edition of Fixing your Feet covers all you need to know to find what works now and also hundreds of miles down the road. -Anecdotes, tips, and tried-and-true methods from runners, ultrarunners, hikers, adventure racers, and foot-acre specialists. -Hundreds of foot-care products for nearly every possible foot ailment imaginable, from Achilles tendonitis to toenail fungus. -New chapters on "Barefoot & Minimalist Footwear" and "Providing Foot Care for Athletes".