WILDO Wildo Fold-A-Cup 6 Pack - Camping/Outdoor - Assorted Colors 21810

The Wildo Fold-A-Cup Camping/Outdoor Assortment provides a six person set of the small Wildo Fold-A-Cups. The Fold-A-Cup pops open from it´s folded position to form a cup or bowl. It can hold up to 8.45fl.oz, but is just 2.5cm when folded. The fold ensures that it won’t drip after emptied. It is constructed from high quality plastic that remains pliable in cold weather and has a high melting point. This construction also makes the Fold-A-Cup BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. Colors included in this assortment are olive, tan, black, orange, pink, and lime.