X-Stand The X-1 Climbing Treestand

The X-1 is the world¬タルs lightest climbing treestand. Engineered out of 6061 t6 aircraft aluminum, the lightest aluminum in the industry. The X-1 stand was designed to be extremely stable. The X-1 seat and foot platform are designed to pair up perfectly and lay flat on each other for easy packing. The back pack straps also double as teether straps to keep your foot platform and seat together while you are climb up the tree. The patented pro-flex carbon composite flex arms set this stand apart from any other climber. The flexible arms are one of the reasons the stand is so light. By actuating in and out they eliminate the need for heavy bulky upper framework. While regular treestands only grip the back of a tree, these arms allow the cable to move inward as weight is applied to grip the tree on the sides as well as the back. The flex arms work to push the cable away from the tree while climbing, giving added clearance for the hunter to ascend and descend without the hang ups normally associated with climbing stands.