X-Stand X-Stand The Alcatraz Tripod w/Full Enclosure Blind XSTP756

X-Stand Alcatraz is a 16 feet tall tripod featuring a mesh swivel seat that allows for 360 degrees of viewing. The Alcatraz comes standard with a metal framed blind with a unique shape specially designed to accommodate the bow hunter (it also works for rifle/gun hunters). With its enlarged center, the bow hunter can comfortably come to a full draw (seated or standing) without being cramped by the sides. The roof is set to shed water and snow keeping you dry and warm. The seat backs fold down at and out of the way. This makes for shooting while standing a breeze with nothing in the way. The windows on the lower half of the blind are set at the perfect angle for shooting straight down near the bottom of the tripod. This gives you a huge advantage over traditional shaped blinds that don’t allow for close range shots. The upper windows are set for straight out shots like tradition blinds so you have the best of both worlds. The Alcatraz also features these great X-Stand features; Stealth Silencers, HeliX Tubing, & Weather Defender Powdercoat.