Yaktrax Hand Warmer 10 Pk

Yaktrax warmers are an odorless, environmentally friendly heat source that provide warmth and comfort in all cold conditions. Hand warmers: provide 8 hours of heat, 2 per package.|Adhesive toe warmer: 5 hours of heat, full adhesive backing.|Foot warmer: 5 hours of heat, thin flat design.|Tailgater: includes 2 hand warmers, 2 toe warmers, and 2 body warmers.|Hand & body warmers: up to 18 hours of heat, 1 per package.|Adventure Pack: 2 Hand Warmers, 2 Body Warmers, 2 Toe Warmers. 5 sellable sides; Stackable & Hangable.|Overnighter: includes 2 body warmers, 2 pair toe warmers, 2 pair hand warmers|Thermal Insole: Radiantex layer redirects heat back to your feet, and help keeps moisture out so feet stay warmer and drier longer. Heat rated to -13°F. Sold as one pair that are one-size and can be trimmed to fit your boot size.