Z-Man Trout Trick 5" 6 Pack Fried Chicken TT5-317PK6

An already-legendary bait for spotted seatrout gets even better. The Z-Man ElaZtech Trout Trick is now made of Z-man's proprietary 10X Tough material, making it softer, stretchier, and stronger than ever. Like the original, the ElaZtech Trout Trick has a ribbed body that creates a vibration pattern that's uniquely appealing to trout, plus a long, straight paddle tail that waves enticingly on the fall. And that's the secret: pair this bait with a well-balanced jig such as the Z-man Trout Eye Jighead, and let it fall vertically on a slack line. Pop it a time or two, and let it drop again; trout will almost always hit the bait on the fall, as the tail is waving. Try it for other inshore species, too!